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HEKO EC140mm 230V High Pressure Industrial Centrifugal Blower Fan

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Product Description

Fan model: HS140-092E230M

Rated Voltage: 230VAC

Rated Current: 1.3A

Rated Power: 175W

Rated Speed: 2520RPM

Air Flow: 610M3/H

Our company proudly introduces our HS140-092E230M model centrifugal blowers. These blowers are crafted with high-quality galvanized steel, making them durable and perfect for a wide range of applications. Their compact size makes them the perfect choice for projects with limited space, without compromising on performance.

 These blowers have a single inlet and are designed to provide efficient airflow. Our expert engineering team has meticulously crafted every detail of these blowers to ensure that they operate silently and efficiently. They are ideal for a variety of industries, including HVAC, electronics, and automotive manufacturing.

 Our HS140-092E230M model centrifugal blowers boast a long lifespan and are easy to maintain. They have a low power consumption rate, which makes them energy-efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, their high-quality build guarantees that they operate smoothly and without issues for many years to come.

 At our company, we take the quality of our products seriously. Our HS140-092E230M model centrifugal blowers go through a rigorous testing process to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and performance. This dedication to quality assures our clients that they will receive only the best products from us.

 Overall, our HS140-092E230M model centrifugal blowers are the perfect choice for anyone looking for efficient, silent, and durable blowers. Their compact size and top-notch quality make them the ideal solution for any project with limited space. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you meet your needs.


Product Characteristics

Fan Model


Brand Name


Impeller Material

galvanized metal sheet

Motor Type

BLDC External Rotor Motor

Type of Protection


Insulation Class

Class B

Speed Control



Ball Bearing

Signal Output


Life Expectance

50,000 Hours

Electrical Protection

Locked Rotor Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Soft Start

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