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HEKO EC133mm Brushless DC External Rotor Motor Blower Fan

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Product Description

Fan model: HD133-072E230M

Rated Voltage: 230VAC

Rated Current: 0.9A

Rated Power: 120W

Rated Speed: 1500RPM

Air Flow: 876M3/H

It is compact in size, but its dual-inlet design makes it capable of handling large volumes of air and creating strong airflow.One of the most notable features of this fan is its energy efficiency. It consumes very little energy while still providing superior performance, making it an excellent choice for reducing operational costs and improving the energy efficiency of your facility.The HD133-072E230M also comes with a range of customization options that allow it to be tailored to specific industry requirements.Overall, the HD133-072E230M is a reliable, high-performance fan that offers exceptional energy efficiency, low noise levels, and precise control of airflows. Its compact design and customization options make it a versatile and flexible solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.


Product Characteristics

Fan Model


Brand Name


Impeller Material

galvanized metal sheet

Motor Type

BLDC External Rotor Motor

Type of Protection


Insulation Class

Class B

Speed Control



Ball Bearing

Signal Output


Life Expectance

50,000 Hours

Electrical Protection

Locked Rotor Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Soft Start

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