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Overview of the Internal and External Rotor Motor Fans

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external rotor motor, internal rotor motor

The motors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. As from the structure, with the conventional style is the internal rotor motor.

Internal rotor motors are framed with the stator(stationary component) fixed to the motor housing. The rotor (rotating component) is located inside the stator and transmits torque through the output shaft. A fan impeller is typically attached to the rotating shaft/axial.

External rotor motors essentially have the opposite structure orientation, with the rotor rotating on the outside of the stator. This eliminates the need for an output shaft and greatly reduces the overall footprint of the motor and impeller assembly. A fan impeller is attached directly to the external rotor, effectively creating a motorized impeller.

As from the above comparison, the external rotor motor fan is more effective and more compact than the internal rotor motor fan.

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