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Fan Application Of Switching Room

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The internal structure of the power distribution room is composed of countless electronic components, which will cause a lot of heat during operation, especially when working at high frequencies. If the natural environment temperature is too high, it will also cause the temperature of the internal structure of the distribution room electronic devices to be too high, in order to maintain the power supply circuit of the internal structure of the distribution room, the distribution room will cause common faults with high temperature and shut down. In order for the power distribution room to work safely and continuously, ventilation must be used to dissipate heat and reduce the indoor temperature. The distribution room should have good ventilation of the fresh fan, and the ventilation volume should be calculated according to the temperature category of the distribution room according to the summer exhaust air temperature does not exceed the maximum ambient air temperature allowed by the distribution room. When the ventilation of the new fan does not meet the heat exhaust requirements, natural air intake and mechanical exhaust can be used. At present, the fresh air system tends to use EC fans, because of its controllability, stability, high efficiency and energy saving, which can meet various needs under different environmental conditions.

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