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Fan Application Of Railway Vehicle

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railway vehicle2

In the current transportation field at home and abroad, rail transit (including urban subway and light rail, intercity railway and intercity subway) has become the trend of public transportation development in various countries and regions. In modern society, people have high requirements for safety, convenience and comfort, and so are the requirements for rail transit. As a result, the demands on rail vehicles are getting higher and higher. To meet these requirements, rail vehicles must develop in the direction of intelligence. An intelligent air conditioning unit for rail vehicles, containing EC evaporation fan, EC condensing fan, inverter compressor, stepless regulated electric heater, evaporator and condenser, and the intelligent controller is assembled in a stainless steel housing through air conditioning electrical accessories to form an air conditioning unit. The use of stepless adjustment structural parts, by the intelligent controller of the air conditioning unit of the main components of the "fuzzy" control, so that the rail vehicle air conditioning unit has the advantages of energy saving, making people comfortable to ride.

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