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Fan Application Of Precision Air Conditioner

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The most important thing in a computer room is stability. To run all year round without fault, it needs stable parts and excellent control system of air conditioning in the machine room. Fine air conditioning in the room should not only be able to adjust the temperature, but also be able to adjust the humidity, and the accuracy is very high. The computer, especially the server, has a particularly high request for temperature and humidity. If the change is too large, the calculation of the computer may be wrong, which will affect the normal operation of the banking and communication industry. The air conditioning system of special air conditioner in machine room is usually composed of motor, fan and air filter. After the EC fan is modified, you can adjust and set the EC fan to ensure that the supply air volume of the air conditioner is not less than the original air volume, ensuring the safe operation of the air conditioner. The EC fan has the features of safe operation and high stability. It can avoid faults caused by the failure of transmission components such as belts and pulley, reduce the failure rate, and reduce the maintenance workload. This kind of EC fan energy saving transformation is suitable for all kinds of precision air conditioning room air conditioning and is not restricted by region.

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