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Fan Application Of Photovoltaic

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Application of Photovoltaic


The fan is one of the important core components in the photovoltaic power generation system. The centralized photovoltaic inverter has a large power and usually adopts forced air cooling. Most of the inverters are placed outdoors, and the operating environment is relatively harsh. Therefore, the protection level of the whole equipment is required to be high. Most of the fans are installed inside the equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the compact structure of the equipment, the size of the fan should be selected as small as possible.

Heat dissipation and fans for photovoltaic panels are the most common applications for DC fans. As the efficiency of photovoltaic panels increases, heat emissions also increase, and excessive temperatures reduce their efficiency and lifespan. Therefore, it is necessary to use a DC fan for heat dissipation. In addition, solar thermal power generation requires a lot of heat, and the DC fan strengthens the hot air circulation and supplements the heat energy for power generation.

DC fans are also widely used in wind farms. Wind turbines need fans and superchargers to boost their performance, and DC fans are just right for those tasks. Fans can be used to increase ventilation, thereby improving the quality of fresh air in a room. A supercharger pressurizes the incoming air, increasing the efficiency of the wind turbine to generate electricity.

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