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Fan Application Of Laboratory

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There are often many sources of chemical pollution in the laboratory that are not conducive to human health, especially harmful gases, and it is very important to eliminate them. Fume hoods are ventilation equipment for the safe handling of harmful, toxic gases or vapors, and are used to capture, seal and transfer pollutants and harmful chemical gases to prevent escape into the laboratory, so as to minimize inhalation contact by inhaling pollutants in the work area away from the operator. The air flow in the fume hood is to suck the air in the laboratory into the fume hood through the exhaust fan, and the polluted gas in the fume hood is diluted and discharged to the outdoors through the exhaust system, and the low concentration diffusion can be achieved; The ventilator of the exhaust system is generally installed on the roof, or in the top-floor ventilation room, so that it does not occupy the use area, and the indoor exhaust pipe is in a negative pressure state, so as to avoid harmful substances due to corrosion or damage to the pipeline, as well as due to the loose pipe and penetrate into the room, in addition, the fan is installed on the roof or the top of the ventilator room, easy to maintain, easy to silence or reduce vibration.

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