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Fan Application Of High-Speed Railway

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20230523 foe high speed railway

  With the development in recent years, we have found that the development of high-speed rail is becoming more and more rapid. Since windows cannot be opened on high-speed rail, fans for ventilation systems are particularly important. In order to ensure that passengers will not feel hot and uncomfortable during the high-speed rail ride, it is important to establish a good ventilation system.

  Although the high-speed rail cannot open the windows for ventilation, the reason why the interior of the train can still be ventilated because of the air conditioning system. The air-conditioning system is mainly divided into two parts, one is the fresh air outside the car introduced by the fan, and the other is the recycled air inside the car. Both the air outlet and return air outlet of the high-speed rail are equipped with fans and filters. During the epidemic prevention and control phase, it is necessary to increase the amount of air exchange in the carriages. The fans of the air conditioners are adjusted to the highest speed, and each carriage can complete a fresh air replacement within five to ten minutes.

  Fans on the high-speed rail should use an axial flow or centrifugal fans. Our fans have the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, low noise, and long life. When the temperature difference is large, the air conditioning system will switch back and forth between cooling and heating to realize intelligent adjustment. In addition, it can also be adjusted manually. The fan has a large air volume, which can circulate enough air even when the cabin is full.

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