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Fan Application Of Data Center

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In recent years, data centers (including cloud computing, large-scale servers, communication and interaction equipment, etc.) have faced great challenges in energy conservation, emission reduction and reducing operating costs. In order to achieve high efficiency and energy saving and low cooling losses, the air conditioning system needs to use EC fans for close air supply and return air, and all components that play the role of air conditioning and ventilation for the data center must first be absolutely reliable and uninterrupted during operation. At the same time, it must have the characteristics of high reliability, high flexibility, energy saving and low-cost operation throughout the life of the whole life, flexible cooling and dynamic adaptive adjustment of output, and these functions and performance characteristics must be largely achieved by EC fans. Replace non-adjustable speed fans with more energy-efficient products with electronically commutated brushless motor technology, or better network, manage and control ventilation equipment. This of course has a significant impact on operating costs: Significant savings are realized from day one, and the investment in cooling systems, ventilation systems and control technology is quickly recouped.

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