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Fan Application Of Charging Pile

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In recent years, the development of new energy vehicles is getting better and better, and the tram market is gradually opening up. In order to charge trams in time and ensure People's Daily travel, charging piles for cars are very important. Although now new energy charging pile is everywhere, but the peak charging problems still need to be upgrade, charged sealing piles laying and charging the cooling system design, and key projects, charging pile cooling system with new energy vehicles have the same importance, this is also a substantial part of our industry rapid development should not be neglected. The heat generated by the efficient charging process of the charging pile is more than 3 times the heat dissipation of the electrical cabinet equipment. If the hot air is not removed in time, it will lead to equipment failure and serious accidents. Therefore, the fan is needed to dissipate heat and ventilate the long-term working charging pile to ensure the daily work of the charging pile. Cooling design structure of charging pile: air filtration and intelligent control, the inlet and outlet of the box are equipped with filter dust cover, cooling fan selection operation monitoring and real-time speed regulation, featuring high efficiency and energy saving, convenient installation, simple maintenance, longer life. Choose the right fan can reduce dust, filter the air, intelligent speed control can be charged at full speed with the maximum air volume to cool, no load to reduce the speed to achieve energy saving and extend the life of the fan.

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