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Fan Application Of Charge Piles

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20230523 for charge pile

  With the development in recent years, more and more charging piles have appeared. With the widespread use of charging piles, the demand for fans is increasing day by day. In order to ensure people's daily travel, charging piles are particularly important.

  Charing piles generally provide conventional and fast charging. Conventional charging generally takes 6-8 hours, and fast charging generally takes 1-2 hours. Think about it, using fast charging will increase the current and voltage, causing the heat to rise rapidly. Because charging the faster the charging speed of the pile, the greater the power of its inductance module, and the greater the charging current, the greater the heat generated by its power module and other components. If the heat cannot be cooled in time, it will definitely cause a great safety accident.

  So we need an axial flow fan with good cooling performance, high air volume, and high air pressure. Secondly, the site is generally outdoors, and the axial flow fan needs to be waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion. The most important thing is to be equipped with an intelligent control system for real-time monitoring and control during the operation of the fan. When the charging pile is equipped with a fan with better quality and performance, it can greatly extend the service life of the charging pile and facilitate the vigorous promotion of new energy products.

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