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Fan Application Of Breeding Industry

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For the large-scale and efficient modern breeding industry, the environment of the breeding house has a great impact on the animals raised in the house. Animals kept in a comfortable environment can grow up healthily and quickly. On the contrary, in the relatively poor environment conditions, it is easy to cause the reduction of food intake, illness, and even death of the farmed animals, thus bringing great economic losses. As an important equipment for the environment control of breeding houses, the fan can not only adjust the ventilation volume in the breeding houses, but also have a certain effect of cooling, dampness reduction and ammonia removal. EC fan is based on a very simple speed regulation method, the fan speed can be continuously changed from hundreds to thousands of revolutions, providing the possibility to achieve smooth increase or decrease of air volume in the breeding house. The EC fan is used as the ventilation fan of the breeding house, which can reach the ideal height of environmental control ventilation, which is beyond the reach of the traditional asynchronous fan. As a high-efficiency and energy-saving fan technology, with the improvement of the demand for fine environmental control ventilation in breeding houses and the further implementation of national energy-saving, environmental protection and low-carbon measures, after gradually solving the key issues such as the matching of environmental control devices in breeding houses, the fine design of environmental control ventilation, the uniformity of excessive ventilation and the training of keepers, EC integrated fan will become the main trend of the development of farm fans.

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