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Advantages of EC fans

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Electrical Commutation (EC) motor power supply is DC power supply, built-in DC commutation AC, rotor position feedback, three-phase AC, permanent magnet, and synchronous motor. EC motors are highly efficient, compact, and smooth. In terms of efficiency, they consistently outperform ordinary asynchronous motors. The efficiency rating of EC energy-saving motors has far exceeded that of IE4. Moreover, the operation time is much quieter than the traditional belt-wheel drive AC fan.

The EC motor incorporates control electronics to precisely adjust the air volume to meet demand. It also has advantages in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues

Simple and compact design, avoids installation loss and energy saving EC technology, simple closed-loop control

The automatic resonance detection and redundancy function can improve the operation reliability of the whole system. The air output is more uniform and the heating and cooling heat exchange is more efficient

Maintenance-free, continuous operation, continuous savings plug and play, compact design, easy installation

The green technology EC motor is durable and the fan is energy efficient

The airflow rate increases while keeping the compact size constant

Stepless speed regulation is realized by 0-10VDC/PWM control signal

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